“It’s a hard thing to leave any deeply routine life, even if you hate it.”

John Steinbeck

I’m hoping that today will be a little bit easier than it was yesterday, as I’m hoping that it will only take a few days before I’m completely immersed into this routine. As yesterday’s tiredness and irritability loom over me, reminding me what I might have in store for me today. I’m a little bit worried about what day number two of this challenge will bring.

The intention for today:
Today I really want to immerse myself into what I’m doing, make a conscious effort to ensure that I feel better than I did yesterday and also try to do something that’s a little different than what I did yesterday. I really want to make the most of seeing where this challenge will take me.

What I did:
As I really wanted to try something new today, I tried another method of transportation to work, I used a self-docking bike. Now, my reasoning behind this, was because I thought that it’s alright to tell people that they can save money on their transport to work if they just ride their bike to work, but what about if they don’t have one? The cheapest bike I could find to use was from a company called Mobike.
Apart from changing my mode of transportation to work, I also saved money by bringing in my leftovers from dinner the night before into work for lunch today, but that’s another story…

Behold the Mobike…

What I found:
I found that my good ideas and research didn’t really transpire when I attempted to carry out what I intended to. The self-docking bike conundrum this morning really stressed me out, as the nearest bike was quite a while away and I didn’t know how I’d get to it and get to work. Luckily enough my Dad was able to come and give me a lift, but I was still anxious that I was going to have to break the challenge in order to get to work on time.
As well as this, I also found out how uneventful and unfulfilling it is to have your previous night’s leftovers for lunch the next day. I can admit that when it comes to food, I can lose interest very quickly. If I have the same thing for lunch every day, it only takes a few days before I’m really struggling to eat it and it gets to the point where eating the same thing literally turns my stomach.
Halfway through eating my lunch today, I found that I just couldn’t eat any more of it, I had to leave the rest even though I’m not entirely sure why that is. It wasn’t that it was turning my stomach, or tasted particularly bad, I’m just guessing that I wanted something else, maybe a little more varied. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating leftovers, and in fact, I do it fairly often if I’m honest with you, but I always try and switch things up a little bit.
Maybe if you’re struggling like I was to eat yesterday’s boring leftovers, then perhaps you should switch it up a little bit. If you make a curry or chilli with rice, then why not have it with salad the next day. If you cooked meat one day, why not have it in a sandwich or a salad the next day, it is quite easy to switch things up a bit. And if you’re lacking in imagination, you could even (certain foods permitting) put it in the freezer to have another day instead of having it the next.
I certainly lacked some imagination when it came to eating my leftovers on this challenge, but you don’t have to.

Today’s biggest challenge:
Getting to work via the method of transportation that I’d chosen was definitely the biggest challenge that I faced today. I genuinely thought that it would be easier than I anticipated finding myself a self-docking bike near where I live, after all, I do live in London. Generally, around work and around the city is where I see most of the self-docking bikes congregating, but occasionally I do see some of them where I live. It just so happens though on this day, that the nearest bike wasn’t that close at hand, meaning that I had to find a mode of transportation to get to my mode of transportation and that was probably the biggest challenge that I faced today.

Although it was challenging, it certainly was cheap at 33p per day

How I got to work:
Self-docking bike.

What I ate:
Breakfast – Porridge and a banana.
Lunch – Wholemeal fusilli pasta, vegetarian mince in a tomato and chilli sauce.
Dinner – 2 Egg omelette with white onion and half a green pepper.
Snacks – None.
Drinks – Water.

Any additional costs:
No other expenditure today.

Calories consumed:
Breakfast – 328 calories
Lunch – 348 calories
Dinner – 260 calories
Snacks – 0 calories
Drinks – 0 calories

Total – 936 calories

Money spent:

Money saved:

Unfortunately, I didn’t really feel that I was able to immerse myself enough into my routine as I truly wanted to be able to. Today was a bit of a struggle to stick to, as probably more than anything when I had trouble with the self-docking bike this morning and was worried that I’d be late for work, all I wanted to do was get on the Tube and go to work. I also just wanted to be able to buy something from the supermarket for lunch that I wanted to eat that was a little bit more exciting than what I ate for dinner yesterday.
Although today was quite trying in itself, I would say that I have learnt quite a lot and have come up with some alternative ideas to the problems I came across. Meaning that I have learned something from today’s experience of this challenge.

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