It’s the penultimate day of my experiment, and the day has another challenge in store for me. This one is a little bit more difficult than the one yesterday, seeing as I had more money yesterday and today I have just £1.07* and I have to try and attempt to go out for lunch today. I’m worried to see how successful today will be!

The intention for today:
I feel like already I’ve given up on trying different modes of transportation, I think I’m just going to accept that on my tight budget, all I can afford is to ride my bike because it’s free. Originally I had intended to try and get the bus and use the ‘Fare Hopper’ perk (which means that you can take as many train journeys in an hour as possible for £1.50) but I only have £1.07* to spare today and I need that for the challenge, so cycling it is…
I really want to put all my effort into my lunchtime challenge today, and who knows what it’s going to be. I haven’t had a look at the results so far, and currently, there are at least 2 or 3 hours left of voting to happen so I think I’ll let it be a surprise and hope that Twitter has been kind to me.

What I did:
Today is pretty much a very normal day for me, nothing too spectacular or out of the ordinary, just a normal day at work really. I can’t help feeling a little bit anxious about what I was going to do for lunch, as for me £1.07 just isn’t very much and wouldn’t even stretch to a drink and a packet of crisps so I’m worried about how well I’ll succeed at the challenge at hand today.
Lunchtime rolls around, and the results are in! My kind followers have decided that I will get to go to the chicken shop for lunch (I’m not happy about the person or persons who voted for me to go without lunch! ☹) and I’m kind of relieved, as this was probably one of the only options where I actually feel like I’ve got half a plan for what I can do.
Now, working around the city, of course, there are loads and loads of fantastic places to eat, which can make lunchtime very exciting, however, it can also be extremely expensive. Around where I work there are many what I would call ‘high-end’ chicken shops if you will, where even just a drink can set you back anything from £2-£3.50, which is way over my budget, so already I know that I won’t find anything within my budget there. What I need is the classic chicken shop, chips or 2 pieces of chicken for a pound and after looking at Google maps, I find the closest chicken shop to me which isn’t going to break my budget and it’s 12 minutes away.
Being January, it’s extremely cold, meaning that a 24-minute walk is not very appealing, especially as I don’t know for sure if I’ll be able to get something for my £1.07*. Once I get there, I am able to purchase a bag of chips for a pound and I’m back on my way back to the office.

What I found:
I was actually glad to have something warm for lunch, however, I did have to eat my lunch on the way back to the office, as the prospect of eating a cold bag of chips after the 12-minute walk back to the office wasn’t very appealing to me. And while it wasn’t the best way for me to eat my lunch, I do feel that it was much better than the alternative.
This went to show me that although it is possible to get something to eat for my lunch that was hot and under budget, I did have to venture out further for lunch that I probably would have, and I didn’t think that it was all that worthwhile or enjoyable. Instead of coming with me, my colleagues opted to go for something to eat that was closer to the office and I ended up missing half of my lunch break for a bag of chips. Worth it? Not really. But did I succeed in the challenge? Absolutely.

Today’s biggest challenge:
Although it wasn’t that difficult to find something to eat for my very low budget, I didn’t really feel that it was worth the 24-minute walk in the bitterly cold January weather for a bag of chips. More than anything I just wanted to join my colleagues and just go to Tesco’s or something similar and just get a meal deal, but unfortunately that would be over budget.

How I got to work:

What I ate:
Breakfast – Porridge and a banana.
Lunch – Chips.
Dinner – Pizza, and chips.
Snacks – None.
Drinks – Water.

Excuse the finger and the headphones…

Calories consumed:
Breakfast – 328 calories
Lunch – 202 calories
Dinner – 508 calories
Snacks – 0 calories
Drinks – 0 calories

Total – 1,038 calories

Money spent:

* turns out I miss calculated and I had spent £1.07 instead of having £1.07 left to spend. I actually had £1.93 to spend, but I still completed the task regardless!

Money saved:

In theory, when you’ve been bringing your lunch into the office for the majority of the week, when you get the opportunity to go out for lunch, you do get excited. However, if you are on a tight budget, it’s not really all that it’s cracked up to be and honestly, I think I would have just prefered to bring in my lunch than walk around in the cold for something that was at best mediocre! Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

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