Half lamenting that is this experiment is almost over and half rejoicing that I’m not confined to the constraints of this challenge for much longer, I’m ready for what the final day of this experiment holds.

The intention for today:
As today is the final day of my experiment, I’ve saved an extra special challenge for myself which will involve me spending the money which I’ve been saving up throughout the week (yes! I have actually managed to save some money!) to get myself a treat, but what will it be? Who knows, yet again I’ve let Twitter decide. I’m going to try and have the best Friday that I possibly can while on my budget, so here goes…

What I did:
Today starts off just like any other day, I get up and eat my normal breakfast that I’ve been eaten all week, which has consisted of just a banana and some porridge. I then cycle to work, as I’ve given up trying any other methods of transportation and will just accept that this is probably the best option for me today, and all week actually. I get to work, work up until lunchtime and check the results of the poll.
Yet again, Twitter has been kind to me and has decided that for my treat for the week will be a doughnut (yes, that is all) and I know where I’m headed, to the nearest doughnut shop near my work.
Once I get back to work with my well-earned weekly treat, I start to have some conflicting feelings… So, my doughnut that I bought was £3.75 and it was worth absolutely every penny in deliciousness, except there’s something that’s bothering me.
When I go home, as I would usually get a takeaway of fish and chips, but today that isn’t an option and I’ve already had my treat for the week, so to end this challenge I’m having my own version of fish and chips.

What I found:
Instead of relishing in the enjoyment of my treat for lunchtime of a very nice but slightly expensive doughnut, I can’t help but feel that something doesn’t quite sit right (not the doughnut, something within myself). Throughout this challenge I have scrimped and saved and made sacrifices to ensure that I could make ends meet, only to spend almost a day and one-third’s budget on one thing. This challenge has definitely made me take a deeper look at my spending habits, and although I won’t be implementing a lot of my routine and techniques that I’ve used this week out of pure convenience, I will be trying to cut down and analyse my spending habits a little bit more closely. And I’ve realised that I can definitely make my money go a lot further than I ever thought that I could make it go.

Today’s biggest challenge:
It was quite difficult to actually sit down with myself and realise that although I did enjoy that doughnut, I probably could have spent that money and made it go a lot further than it did and it wasn’t even a full meal. In the past, I really wouldn’t have thought twice about treating myself to a slightly expensive doughnut if I wanted it, but now I don’t really feel as if I can justify spending that much and feel okay about it. Now, I know that buying a doughnut every day isn’t a regular occurrence, as that wouldn’t just be bad for your wallet, but would also be bad for your health, but after stretching, saving and scrimping all week on a tight budget, was it worth it?

How I got to work:

What I ate:
Breakfast – Porridge and a banana.
Lunch – Doughnut.
Dinner – Fish fingers, chips and portion of vegetables.
Snacks – None.
Drinks – Water.

Calories consumed:
Breakfast – 328 calories
Lunch – 350 calories
Dinner – 409 calories
Snacks – 0 calories
Drinks – 0 calories

Total – 1,087 calories

Money spent:

Money saved:

All in all, it was a very challenging week, even though I did succeed in the challenge that I was given. I would have liked for a bit more variety in my diet, lifestyle and transportation that my budget just couldn’t account for. Although I won’t be enforcing a £3 a day budget on myself for the rest of my life, it has managed to give me a good insight into my spending habits and show me how far my money can actually go, so I should be careful what I spend it on.

If you’re interested in reading my article, which details everything that I experienced during my challenge in depth, then keep an eye out for my article on Multi Month Loans, coming soon!

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